Computer Emergency Response Team

Eine Agentur, auch genannt: CERT

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Incident reports
Response by Computer Emergency Response Team to Alexander Fanta on .


Dear Mr. Fanta, Thank you for your initial request of February 26 and for your follow-up messages of April 14 and April 15. My apologies for the delay...
Ambulance & Emergency Services
Anfrage gestellt an Computer Emergency Response Team durch Ursula Ansell am .

Antwort ausstehend.

I am trying to find some figures for the number of Emergency Vehicles in current use in the Europe. My company is involved in developing softwa...
Cyber Cover Insurance
Internal review request sent to Computer Emergency Response Team by sebastian m. on .

Interne Prüfung ausstehend.

Please pass this on to the person who reviews confirmatory applications. I am filing the following confirmatory application with regards to my acc...
Computer Security
Anfrage gestellt an Computer Emergency Response Team durch Jonathan Mantle am .

Stark verspätet.

Please could you tell me what: 1) Guidence 2) Support 3) Advice 4) Policies your department has for helping memeber states with their com...

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