Generaldirektion Informatik

Eine Generaldirektion der Kommission, auch genannt: DG DIGIT

DIGIT's vision is to take on and drive forward the digital leadership role within the Commission. DIGIT must develop and lead the digital transformation of the Institution so that it can deliver EU policy better, more efficiently and more productively, fully seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies.

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External consultants spending
Response by Generaldirektion Informatik to Chris Harris on .


Dear Chris Harris, Subject: Your application for access to documents – Ref GestDem No 2014/4032; 2014/6188; 2014/6142; 2014/6129; 2014/6091; 2014/60...
Dear Ms Panos,   We are pleased to send you enclosed, on behalf of Mr Bilbao,  an advanced copy of a letter concerning the above mentioned subject...
Use of encryption in email communications
Response by Generaldirektion Informatik to Kirsten on .


  Dear Sir/Madam Fiedler,   Thank you for your e-mail  dated 23/04/2015 send to DG DIGIT.  We hereby acknowledge receipt of your application for...
Dear Mr. Castro,   I refer to my email to you sent on 11 June 2013 and delivered to you on 13 June 2013 (please see below).   To date, and unless...
Dear Sir, Veuillez trouver ci-joint le document Ares(2013)143245 concernant "Letter laptops Baku" envoyé par M/Mme Madelin Robert le 05/02/2013. Plea...
Number portability between EU countries
Response by Generaldirektion Informatik to Mihael on .


  Dear Sir,   Please find attached a letter for your attention.   With best regards,   Carine LAMBEAU Administrative Assistant   European Com...

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