Exekutivagentur für die Forschung

Eine Exekutivagentur, auch genannt: REA

Die Exekutivagentur für die Forschung (REA) wurde 2007 eingerichtet und hat ihren Sitz in Brüssel. Die Agentur nahm 2009 mit der Durchführung von Teilen des 7. Rahmenprogramms für Forschung und Innovation (RP7) ihre Arbeit auf. 2013 dehnte sie ihren Funktionsbereich auf die Leitung von Horizont 2020 aus.

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[1]Ares(2020)145785 - AoR: Ares(2019)7595340 - Access to documents request - Mr Chelioudakis - projects SPIRIT,COPKIT and ANITA Sent by ve_rea.rea a...
[1]Ares(2020)29107 - Access to documents request - Information about four (4) H2020 projects at the field of border management in Greece - Ares(2019)...
Horizon project 2020 grant agreement No 761802
Response by Exekutivagentur für die Forschung to Jouko Huismans on .

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*** Advanced copy by e-mail and registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt ***   Dear Sirs, Please find attached document Ares(2019)7827850...
Federal Records, State Records
Response by Exekutivagentur für die Forschung to King Sumbry El on .

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Dear Sir,   Thank you for your mail.   Please be informed that requests for access to documents must be directed to the following e-mail addre...
Link: [1]File-List Link: [2]themeData Link: [3]colorSchemeMapping [4]Ares(2019)4497212 - Your request for access to the travel expenses of REA's D...
I am looking for documents that contain, for each of the trips, the following information: - Place of origin and destination, and the amount spe...
Facebook interactions
Anfrage gestellt an Exekutivagentur für die Forschung durch Luisa Izuzquiza am .

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For the period between 26 April 2018 to date: - a list of all lobby meetings held by this agency with Facebook or its intermediaries. The list...
Meetings with Facebook
Anfrage gestellt an Exekutivagentur für die Forschung durch Margarida da Silva am .

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- a list of lobby meetings held by REA with Facebook or its intermediaries. The list should include: date, individuals attending + organisational...
Travel expenses of Research Executive Agency Director
Follow up sent to Exekutivagentur für die Forschung by Luisa Izuzquiza on .

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Thank you all the same! Yours faithfully, Luisa Izuzquiza Access Info Europe
Rental contract
Response by Exekutivagentur für die Forschung to Peter on .


Dear Mr Teffer,   Please find in attachment the REA’s reply (Ares (2017)3244530) to your request for access to documents of reference concerning t...
Dear N.K. Netzell, Thank you for your interest in the Research Executive Agency. The document you are looking for, the Decision on the implementation...

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