Dies ist eine HTML Version eines Anhanges der Informationsfreiheitsanfrage 'Child Abuse Operations'.
o  As Dir Europol confirm one of most successful international police 
operations in recent years against probably largest on line paedophile 
network in the world 
o  Pay tribute to work of my international colleagues, many of whom rep 
here today and will talk after me about the key role their agencies have 
played in the investigation.  Also pay big tribute to my own experts at 
Europol, who have used their unique skills and resources, to help 
coordinate this international op – the results are phenomenal 
o  These are the headline facts – 
o  Online paedophile network of up to 70,000 members worldwide 
operated by a forum coordinator and an internet server based in 
the Netherlands  
o  Server seized by Dutch police allowing for forensic examination 
of it by Europol analysts and their colleagues in UK and NL 
o  In 2010, Europol experts cracked the sophisticated security 
features that were built into the server and then uncovered this 
huge network of suspected child sex offenders, working with the 
UK authorities in particular 
o  Allowed Europol analysts to piece together the activities of the 
forum, identifying its members worldwide 
o  Based on this work Europol issued over 4,200 intelligence 
reports over 30 countries in the world, mostly in Europe, 
allowing police authorities in those countries to track down the 
offenders involved and potential victims 
o  In parallel similar work was carried out in the UK and other 
o  Latest figures from the results of this intelligence work and 
operational coordination are that 670 suspects have been 
identified, 184 arrests already made and 230 children, as victims 
of these terrible crimes, identified and rescued from further harm 
o  Investigations continue – in the EU and elsewhere - and we 
expect these numbers to rise further in the coming weeks but 
this is already the biggest case of its kind we have ever seen 
o  These are very serious crimes on a truly global scale.  The 
international police community has joined forces to bring the crimes to 
an end, to bring the offenders to justice, and most importantly, to 
secure the safety of hundreds of children.  Our work continues and we 
will not rest until all the offenders have been identified     
o  This is a powerful message today about the value of international 
police cooperation.  In terms of my own agency it is also a clear sign 
and about the determination of Europol to make Europe a safer place 
o  We are also sending a clear message to serious criminals everywhere 
– if you commit these crimes against some of the most vulnerable 

people in our society, if you misuse the Internet to support your 
activities, you will be caught 
o  Now I invite my colleagues to talk about the specific work they have 
done in their individual countries, starting with the UK.  The Child 
Exploitation and Online Protection Centre had a major role to play in 
this investigation throughout.  It is a world class agency operating in 
this field of work.  I am delighted that its Chief Executive, […], has 
joined me here today.  […] …