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[Art. 4.1(b)]
11 March 2015 15:27 
SCHLEGELMILCH Rupert (TRADE);  [Art. 4.1(b)]
[Art. 4.1(b)]
[Art. 4.1(b)]
Flash Report - European Games Developer Federation - 10/03/2015 
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I received yesterday  [Art. 4.1(b)]
, COO of the European Games Developer 
Federation (EGDF). Object of the visit was to touch base on TTIP. 
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-  We explained the state of discussions with respect to the notion of AV services
as well as the consequences of being considered, or not, as covered by the AV 
   EGDF would prefer that there is no closed definition of "AV services" 
in the agreement, in order to cater for future developments. 
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-  EGDF had 2 main concerns to put forward with respect to TTIP: 
o If the agreement enshrines the concept that games are software, this may
have consequences with respect to their State aid status;
o Interested to know how much State aid the EU negotiates with the US.

[Art. 4.1(b)] inally referred to Patent Trolls as one of their main substantive 
concerns in the US - forcing EGDF members to spend substantive money in Court 
[Art. 4.1(b)]