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[Art. 4.1(b)]
11 March 2015 15:27 
SCHLEGELMILCH Rupert (TRADE);  [Art. 4.1(b)]
[Art. 4.1(b)]
[Art. 4.1(b)]
Flash Report - European Games Developer Federation - 10/03/2015 
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I received yesterday  [Art. 4.1(b)]
, COO of the European Games Developer 
Federation (EGDF). Object of the visit was to touch base on TTIP. 
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-  We explained the state of discussions with respect to the notion of AV services
as well as the consequences of being considered, or not, as covered by the AV 
 Æ EGDF would prefer that there is no closed definition of "AV services" 
in the agreement, in order to cater for future developments. 
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-  EGDF had 2 main concerns to put forward with respect to TTIP: 
o If the agreement enshrines the concept that games are software, this may
have consequences with respect to their State aid status;
o Interested to know how much State aid the EU negotiates with the US.

[Art. 4.1(b)] inally referred to Patent Trolls as one of their main substantive 
concerns in the US - forcing EGDF members to spend substantive money in Court 
[Art. 4.1(b)]