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Ref. Ares(2015)4204090 - 09/10/2015
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09 October 2015 14:16 
Meeting with the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) on 23 
September 2015, Summary report 

The meeting had initially been requested with the CAB of VP Katainen. CAB Katainen had declined the 
meeting request but referred ECPA to a meeting with the relevant desk officer in the SG. The meeting 
lasted 45 minutes. 
Summary report: 
ECPA remarked that it did not have an interlocutor within the Commission for issues of competitiveness 
of the European crop protection industry. DG AGRI and DG GROW were not particularly interested. DG 
SANTE did pursue a purely regulatory agenda and was not open for a dialogue. They opined that the 
same holds for the respective Cabinets and the Cabinets of the VPs. 
ECPA set out its concerns about very conservative approach of EFSA towards hazard classification for 
substances, including their metabolites. ECPA also mentioned the ongoing work on risk assessment/risk 
management guidelines and queried about the state of play of the process. 
Regarding the work on endocrine disruptors, ECPA recalled that the interim criteria that are currently 
applicable are very strict and asked about the state of play of the file. 
SG was largely in a listening mode. On ongoing work on scientific guidelines, SG recalled that EFSA is an 
independent regulatory agency. Regarding the ongoing work on EDs, SG stressed the need to move 
ahead quickly, while ensuring a high quality of the impact assessment process. 
Unit E1 - "Citizens and Security " 
Directorate "Policy Co-ordination II"