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Ref. Ares(2016)1627298 - 06/04/2016
BTO Meeting with Copa-Cogeca (European farmers and agri-cooperatives) working party on breeding 
Time and place: 15.10.2013, Premises of Copa-Cogeca Rue de Treves 61, Bruxelles 
, Copa-Cogeca  
Participants: Member of Copa-Cogeca, 

DG SANCO reiterated the process that led to the call for a legislative proposal for cloning. It was 
indicated that the impact assessment was close to completion. The valuable contribution of Copa-
Cogeca was highlighted. Work on a proposal had started and is based on the impact assessment. The 
feasibility of measures of rules is a main concern of the Commission. 
The chair agreed that some rules on cloning may be needed but they would have to be proportionate. 
In this context members highlighted the difference between rules on the technique/cloned animals and 
Members were interested in the impact the matter would have on the Free Trade Agreement with the 
US. DG SANCO that this was not possible to say at this point is time but that trade partners would be 
consulted via WTO SPS/TBT contact points. 
The working group was made aware of EP question E-007801/2013. Any information the working 
group could provide on cloning and intellectual property rights (patents) and cloning would be 
The atmosphere of the meeting was calm and constructive.