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30 October 2015 12:59 
ITALIANER Alexander (SG) 
Flashlight europe 08/2015: Deeper EU integration is in Poland’s interest 
Dear Mr Italianer,  
The Polish people have voted in favour of the political change: former prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczyński’s 
party Law and Justice (PiS) with its front-runner Beata Szydlo turned out strongest in the parliamentary 
elections on Sunday with almost 38 per cent of votes. The liberal Civic Platform (PO), headed by prime 
minister Ewa Kopacz, gained only 23.4 per cent. Why this shift to the right? And what will be the 
consequences for Polish politics? We asked Jacek Kucharczyk, President of the executive board of the 
Warsaw-based Institute of Public Affairs. 
Please find enclosed the latest flashlight europe “Deeper EU integration is in Poland’s interest”. 
Yours sincerely, 
Isabell Hoffmann 
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