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Ref. Ares(2016)2126156 - 04/05/2016
Begins with Confidence
President Juncker is demonstrating decisive leadership 
in the design of the new Commission and by clearly 
differentiating many policy lines from the past.
The key to success is in building confidence. 
That extends to business confidence too.
Care must be taken not to simply talk competitiveness 
while undermining the industry we have. The EU must 
nurture a broad and balanced industrial base, especially 
its existing manufacturing industry, to sustain the 
European economy of the twenty first century.
Policies once set must not be systematically revisited 
and changed. That destroys investor confidence. 
The EU must re-establish itself as a reliable location to 
invest, so that boardrooms in Europe and around the 
world extend existing manufacturing operations in the 
EU and inject new investment.
The simple truth is that business needs stable policy  
and legal certainty to invest with confidence. Do the right 
thing, please, Mr. President!
International Paper Europe has reduced its greenhouse gas 
emissions by 73% since 1990. It is committing to reduce them 
a further 20% by 2020 (baseline 2010). 
The Company is currently planting in Poland what will be one 
of Europe’s largest woody biomass plantations providing  
carbon neutral energy for it’s manufacturing operations.