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Subject: a.v.e.c. request for a meeting to discuss TTIP and its impact for the 
poultry meat industry
Dear Mr. Vinciunas, 
I am writing to you on behalf of a.v.e.c. the association representing the poultry meat 
industry in the EU. 
We have recently shared with Commissioner Andriukaitis our position paper that 
defines our 12 priorities for the poultry meat industry (please see our policy paper in 
Among our priorities, we are particularly worried about  imports from third countries 
that do not comply with the same rules that are imposed on the EU producers on 
aspects such as food safety (use of chemicals for the decontamination of the carcasses, 
use of antibiotics, growth promoters,…) and animal welfare,  giving a competitive 
advantage to our main competitors that are already favoured by lower costs (feed, 
This situation puts at risk the whole EU poultry meat industry that is already facing 
imports from 3rd countries amounting more than 800 000 Tons, much more than any 
other meat sector in the EU. 
The study carried out by LEI Wageningen for a.v.e.c. last year, illustrates this 
competitive disadvantage of EU producers compared to our main competitors (Brazil, 
US, Thailand, Ukraine,…). See: http://www.avec-poultry.eu/system/files/archive/new-
Having that in mind and in the context of the TTIP negotiations, we would be very 
much interested to have an exchange with you and your assistants about the treatment 
of the SPS aspects for poultry meat in Trade negotiations in general and in TTIP in 
Our experts coming from different Member States will discuss trade issues in Brussels 
on the 30 April 2015 and we would like to know whether it would be possible to meet 
you on this specific day. 
We are very flexible in the time and place (your or our office in Brussels) we may 
meet each other. In case you would have other commitments on that day, we would be 
grateful if you could let us know your availability to meet on another date. 
I shall appreciate if you would let me know whether you can accept our invitation and 
what would be your preference about time and place. 
I thank you in advance for your reply and I hope that you will give a favorable answer 
to our request. 
With best regards. 

a.v.e.c.  Association of Poultry Processors and Poultry Trade in the EU countries 
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