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Ref. Ares(2015)4969526 - 10/11/2015
09 November 2015 20:37 
Re: Glyphosate and Cancer 
European Commission 
Directorate- General for Health  and Food Safety 
Unit E3 Pesticides and Biocides 
Good evening 
I have enclosed my authors copy of my new published and peer-reviewed paper Glyphosate, 
pathways to modern diseases IV: cancer and related pathologies.  
 The publication appears in 
the September 30, 2015 issue of the Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry.  Physical 
copies were recently mailed to subscribers.  The paper at the JBPC reference is in V 15 
(3), September 30, 2015.  I also sent a copy last week to Dr. Bernhard Url, (EFSA)  in Italy. 
The new Samsel and Seneff, and Seralini, papers have been posted online as "POAP-final". So 
they can be accessed by anyone via the "Articles posted online ahead of print" link on the main 
JBPC journal website, or directly from http://www.colbas.org/jbpc/poap.htm 
You may also access my authors copy under my name at researchgate.net and Academia.edu It is 
now being  accessed by many countries around the globe. 
Best regards,   
Research Scientist / Consultant 
P.O. Box 131 
Deerfield, NH 03037 
@acoustictracks net