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26 April 2013 10:08
Subject:  EU-Japan FTA: lively debate on rail issues at Businesseurope event
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I hope this email finds you well.
In the framework of the ongoing EU-Japan FTA discussion, yesterday Businesseurope hosted a 
roundtable of main stakeholders involved in the discussion from both the European and the Japanese 
sides. The main objective of the discussion was to highlight the objectives of the different sectors in the 
FTA negotiations. Please find attached the agenda of the roundtable for your information.
UNIFE represented the European rail sector, whereas JR East represented the Japanese stakeholders.
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Please find also attached the presentations made by UNIFE and JR East.
We are very much looking forward to helping the Commission to progress in the negotiations on this 
sensitive issues and we are of course at your disposal should you need further information.
Kind regards
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