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[Art. 4.1 b]  (TRADE-EXT) 
26 April 2013 10:02 
[Art. 4.1 b]
Meeting with ESF Policy Committee 23 April 2013 
Dear all, 
On Tuesday 23 April,  [Art. 4.1 b]
 attended the meeting of the ESF with its 
members, to present a state of play on the ongoing and future services negotiations. Later in the 
afternoon there was an ESF Policy Committee where also the Member States where invited. The COM 
was here represented by 

[Art. 4.1 b]
 Mauro (MM),  [Art. 4.1 b]
 and  [Art. 4.1 b]
 Meeting with ESF and her members 
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TPC meeting with ESF and MS
) informed 
[Art. 4.1 b]
the participants on the current state of play in the TiSA negotiations. COM 
explained the content of the EU's text proposal for a text. This proposal suggests the inclusion of key 
GATS articles and the Understanding on Specific Commitments, plus additional liberalisation 
commitments (e.g. national treatment as a horizontal principle). Furthermore, the EU suggested the 
RGF's series of standards. COM asked the industry to defend these standards in their contacts with RGF 
and industry. The COM informed the ESF members about the public survey that will be launched in May.  
Pascale Kerneis made clear that the discussion on mode 4 is very important for ESF's members. ESF does 
not perceive this as a defensive issue, but sees a real need for EU industry to move personnel abroad. He 
also talked about dispute settlement and the enforcement of agreements. Pascale will also get back to 
his members from the financial sector to ask for additional provisions. 
There were more questions from Deutche telekom (on the timing for the industry interests to be heard), 
British telecom (on digital economy agenda and ICT services) and the European express association (the 
link with the trade facilitation agreement). 
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[Art. 4.1 b]
European Commission 
Unit B1 - Services 
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