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Sent: 28 July 2017 11:38 
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Subject: Philip Morris International Investments 
Dear Commissioner Bienkowska, 
Late last year, Philip Morris International (PMI) announced its intention to transform its 
business by building a future on smoke-free products. Our objective is to completely 
replace cigarettes over time with less harmful, smoke-free products to the benefit of 
adult smokers, public health, and society at large. 
We are now in the process of turning this unprecedented decision into reality and I am 
writing to further outline this vision and inform on the significant impact it will have on 
the European economies and the pivotal role we hope Europe will play in realizing this 
Europe is already a hub for PMI’s research, development and investment in better 
alternatives to cigarette smoking. Since 2008, PMI has hired more than 400 scientists 
and technical staff and invested over EUR 2.5 billion in research, product development 
and scientific substantiation for smoke-free products. PMI is the only tobacco company 
among the European Patent Office’s top 100 patent filers. Globally, we have a portfolio 
of over 1,800 granted patents and almost 4,000 pending applications published for 
intellectual property generated during the development of its smoke-free products.  
In terms of investment in the European Union, PMI was recently identified by the 
European Political Strategy Centre’s ‘Greenfield Investment Monitor’ as being one of the 
most significant investors in the EU. As part of realizing this new vision, thus far we 
committed to infrastructure investment in the EU of over EUR 2 billion which will create 
nearly 2000 permanent new jobs representing a significant boost to the local economies 
as outlined below. It needs to be highlighted that these four factories have significant 

export potential to countries outside the EU. Today, 95% of the production of our Italian 
factory is exported outside the EU. 
On September 23, 2016, PMI announced the completion of its first manufacturing 
facility for large-scale production of HEETS,  the tobacco units used with the electronic 
tobacco heating device IQOS, in Crespellano (Bologna, Italy). Representing an 
anticipated investment of approximately EUR 500 million, this state-of-the-art facility 
currently employs over 300 people and, when fully operational, could employ up to 600. 
This is in addition to the over 1,000 people PMI affiliates in Italy already employ. In June 
2017, we announced a plan to invest approximately EUR 500 million more to expand 
capacity at this manufacturing facility. 
Earlier this year, PMI announced an investment of approximately EUR 300 million to 
convert the cigarette factory of Papastratos, PMI’s affiliate in Greece, into a 
manufacturing plant for heated tobacco units. The investment will create 400 new jobs 
at Papastratos, which already employs approximately 800 people. 
In addition, in June of this year, we announced plans to invest approximately EUR 275 
million in a new high-tech facility in Dresden, Germany, to produce HEETS. Once fully 
operational in early 2019, the factory is expected to employ approximately 500 people. 
PMI affiliates in Germany already employ over 2000 people. 
Most recently, on July 25, PMI announced the conversion of its manufacturing plant in 
Otopeni, Romania, ending production of cigarettes and switching the manufacturing 
completely to smoke-free products. This will represent an investment of EUR 490 million 
and the creation of 300 new jobs in addition to the 600 people already employed at this 
Where we are converting existing factories, this means that we will completely stop the 
production of cigarettes in those facilities, in an effort to meet demand for smoke-free 
products and speed up delivery of the vision that we outlined last year. 
We believe that these are meaningful steps towards a future in which smoke-free 
products ultimately replace cigarettes. Over 2.9 million adults have already stopped 
smoking and switched to IQOS. We are fully committed to meeting adult smoker 
demand for potentially less harmful alternatives to cigarette smoking.  
Today IQOS is available to adult smokers in 12 EU Member States. Results of scientific 
research conducted by PMI to date indicate that IQOS is likely to reduce the risk of harm 

compared to cigarette smoking, and is a better choice for those who would otherwise 
continue to smoke.  
The company openly shares its scientific methodologies and findings for independent 
third-party review and verification, and has published its research in over 200 articles 
and book chapters since 2011. Pursuant to Art. 19 of the Directive 2014/40/EU, PMI 
uploaded in the Common Entry Gate of the EU Commission a scientific notification 
dossier. The dossier provides information on product specifications and content, quality 
and manufacturing controls processes, and scientific studies and data relating to, among 
other things, toxicity, addictiveness, attractiveness, consumer behavior and perception, 
risk and population harm.  
We are sincerely committed to transforming our business, but we cannot do this on our 
own and openly seek fully independent validation of our ongoing research.  A number of 
EU Member State authorities, including the Dutch National Institute for Public Health 
and the Environment (RIVM), the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR), 
and Public Health England (PHE) have announced their intention to assess IQOS and/or 
verify the results of our scientific studies. 
I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our investments and 
respond to any questions you might have related to these novel products. 
Yours sincerely, 
Philip Morris International 
Philip Morris International is registered in the common Transparency Register of the European Parliament and the 
European Commission. Its registration can be found here.
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