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Ref. Ares(2017)1553728 - 22/03/2017
Ref. Ares(2018)4014499 - 30/07/2018
[Art. 4(1)(b)]  (TRADE);  [Art. 4(1)(b)]
[Art. 4(1)(b)]
[Art. 4(1)(b)] (TRADE); 
[Art. 4(1)(b)]
[Art. 4(1)(b)]
[Art. 4(1)(b)]
[Art. 4(1)(b)]  (TRADE); 
[Art. 4(1)(b)] RADE) [Art. 4(1)(b)] @ec.europa.eu); 
[Art. 4(1)(b)] (TRADE)  [Art. 4(1)(b)] @ec.europa.eu);  [Art. 4(1)(b)]
[Art. 4(1)(b)]
[Art. 4(1)(b)]
Belarus WTO accession - Meetings with representatives of British American 
Tobacco and of 
 on 21st 
 March 2017 - 
[Outside the scope of the request] ; [Outside the scope of the request]
; Tobacco market in Belarus.BAT ppt 1.PDF; Tobacco market in 
Belarus.BAT ppt 2.PDF 
Together with 
[Art. 4(1)(b)]
 (TRADE E2), we received the visits 
• on 21st March of representatives of British American Tobacco ( [Art. 4(1)(b)] , Giovanni 
Carucci and [Art. 4(1)(b)] )
[Outside the scope of the request]
who came to share their concerns with the functioning in Belarus of the tobacco and the 
markets and asked COM to raise those concerns in the WTO accession process and/or in the bilateral 
trade dialogue EU-Belarus. 
Those concerns are summarised in the attached documents handed by our visitors.  
We took note and informed about ongoing developments in the WTO accession process (Belarus offer 
on  [Outside the scope of the request] , NT and competition based on reference paper; commitments in draft 
Working Party Report to implement GATT provisions from the date of accession; difference of views 
between Belarus and WTO members as regards the applicability of GATT Art. XVII to Belarus' State 
owned enterprises importing alcohol and tobacco products reflected in draft Working party Report and 
in questions submitted by WTO members) and about the possibilities offered by this process (and the 
bilateral dialogue) to lever Belarus in bringing its legislation, regulation and practice in conformity with 
WTO rules and commitments before the date of accession 
We look forward to receive the analysis of B1, F2 and G3 on the issues raised by the two companies.  This 
will be very helpful to prepare our comments and questions to Belarus on the next version of the draft 
Working Party Report