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Ref. Ares(2018)450770 - 25/01/2018
Action 8.3-0025-PLDK-S-M-17 - Preparatory works for the Baltic Pipe Project 
up to obtainment of all necessary permission(s) in Poland 
Action 8.3-0025-PLDK-S-M-17  Annex I - draft_25_01_2018.docx 
Following the call for proposals of 26th April 2017  concerning projects of common interest under the 
Connecting Europe Facility  (CEF) in the field of energy, on 25th January 2018 the CEF Coordination 
Committee gave a positive opinion on a list of Actions proposed for funding.  
We are happy to inform you that this list includes Action  8.3-0025-PLDK-S-M-17  "Preparatory works for 
the Baltic Pipe Project up to obtainment of all necessary permission(s) in Poland and in Denmark". 
For your information, you will find at the bottom of this email the overall comments regarding the 
proposal as provided by the Evaluation Committee. Information regarding the marks awarded to the 
proposal may be communicated upon request. 
Without prejudice to the final decision to be taken by the European Commission in the coming weeks, 
and in order to facilitate the next steps, please find attached a first draft version of Annex I of the Grant 
Agreement for your review. We would be grateful to receive your comments and/or modifications on 
this draft by 8th February 2018  in order to accelerate the preparation and signature of the Grant 
Furthermore, we would like to invite you for a meeting on 13th  February at 10:30  at INEA premises in 
Brussels [Venue: chaussée de Wavre 910,  B-1049 Brussels].  The purpose of this meeting will be to 
clarify any open questions on the revised Annex I and draft Grant Agreement, for you to provide us with 
an updated presentation of the envisaged Action and to discuss a number of specific elements 
concerning its implementation (objectives, description of activities and milestones, etc.). Depending on 
your preferred arrangements, a video conference could alternatively be organised to serve the same 
purpose (if this is the case please let us know). 
For planning purposes, we would be grateful to receive confirmation of your availability for the meeting 
by  5th  February 2018. 
I also take this opportunity to request that you provide us with the following information: 
•  Confirmation of the contact details, name and title of official contact persons;  
•  Confirmation of the name and title of the authorized representatives to sign the Grant Agreement; 
•  Confirm who will be the coordinator of the action; 
•  Confirm the start date of the Action (it cannot be earlier than the date of submission of the 
•  Provide details and clarifications on the scope of Activity 6 (objectives, description of activity and 
milestones, etc.) in line  with  the Evaluation Committee decision (Activity 6  is only partly 
recommended for CEF funding).  

•  Provide input on the harmonization of the text:  Activity 5 and Action 6 should be described at the 
same level of detail of the other activities. Further details need to be provided by beneficiaries  (e.g. 
activities description  and deliverable description ). 
I would like to highlight that this e-mail does not constitute a formal commitment by INEA or the 
European Commission to provide financial support to the envisaged Action. This will depend on the 
successful conclusion of the grant preparation process. I would like to draw your attention to the fact 
that you will not acquire any rights until all parties have signed the grant agreement. 
For further correspondence, please always indicate your Action code 8.3-0025-PLDK-S-M-17  in the 
subject and only use the functional mailbox xxxxxxxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx   (please don't reply to this EC 
ARES NOREPLY email address). 
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or clarifications on this matter. 
I look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience. 
Best regards, 
Project Manager  
Unit C4  - CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Energy & ICT 
European Commission 
Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) 
Chaussée de Wavre 910 - W910 01/112 - B-1049 Brussels 
http://inea.ec.europa.eu       Follow INEA on Twitter! 
Overall comment for Action  8.3-0025-PLDK-S-M-17  provided by the Evaluation Committee 
This action, which is to prepare and finalise the pre-construction stage of the project implementation, 
including detailed design and permitting procedures, contributes to the implementation of PCI 8.3 
Poland-Denmark interconnection (known as “Baltic Pipe”). Baltic Pipe will be a bidirectional offshore 
pipeline that will physically connect the Polish transmission system with the Norwegian offshore gas 
network through the Danish gas system that will allow for imports of up 10 bcm/y from Norway to 
Poland, and further - through relevant interconnectors - to Central Eastern and Eastern Baltic Sea regions. 
The action is considered a high priority and urgency. The "Baltic Pipe" project constitutes one of the 
priority projects under the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan Initiative (BEMIP). It will contribute 
to the implementation of the internal energy market and due to its capacity (10 bcm/y) it will also 
provide for important diversification opportunities in the Central Eastern Europe and the Baltic States 
upon the completion of the necessary interconnectors. The cross-regional dimension of the action is 
evident. The proposed action is very mature and it constitutes the next logical step in the project 

implementation. The CEF financial assistance will help the action to be implemented without delays and 
will have a stimulating effect on the action. 
Activity 6 "Pre-investment works up to obtainment of the construction permit for the onshore gas pipeline 
in Denmark" refers mostly to section of the overall project which is not covered by the Baltic Pipe PCI (PCI 
8.3, per 2nd PCI list, Decision 2016/89) and hence cannot be eligible for CEF funding. Only the pre-activity 
including connection of the pipeline to the grid (10 km of the overall 220 km pipeline) can be co-financed 
under this call.  
Conclusion: The proposal is recommended for funding, except for most of Activity 6.