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Ref. Ares(2018)5389783 - 19/10/2018
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2014 3:33 PM 
Subject: ENAGAS: Presentation on CRE's consultation on 2018 
Objet: ENAGAS: Presentation on CRE's consultation on 2018 

I am contacting you in relation to a matter of great concern to Iberian stakeholders: the 
proposed cancellation of the ERIDAN project recently proposed by the CRE, which has 
cross-border implications. The subsidies granted to the project under the Recovery Plan 
 and its relationship with the PCI process, make this decision of particular interest to your 
Please find attached for your information an explanatory presentation of the plans submitted 
to public consultation by CRE. The consultation is open until 21 March 2014 and Enagás will 
submit a non-confidential response on Friday. 
In summary, the cancellation of the ERIDAN Project would make it very difficult in the 
future increasing the interconnection capacity between France and Spain, since it is required 
for ensuring a bidirectional flow for new interconnection capacities. The solution envisaged 
by CRE is apparently cheaper but neither sufficient from the point of view of the internal 
energy market, nor entirely equivalent from the point of view of France (less linepack, 
impossibility to create new entry capacities in the South of France e.g. in Fos, …). 
We believe that it is legitimate to ask for a debate at European level, at least with Spanish 
stakeholders (authorities and TSO in particular) given that this is a last-minute change of 
plans, cancelling a project that had been announced as FID almost three years ago, which has 
influenced many other processes as the elaboration of the 2013-2022 TYNDP, and the 
selection of PCIs (ERIDAN is not a PCI itself because it had an FID status); moreover, it has 
received EC funds for 
Additionally, further measures with the potential effect of segmenting the capacity at the 
North-South link within France are proposed. We fear that the number of measures already 
adopted and the ones proposed in this consultation, and in the previous consultation on 2015 
which closed last week, may grant privileged access to some users to the detriment of other. 
Some of the measures are contrary to Regulation 984/2013, but it is only applicable from 1st 
Nov 2015. 
Please do not hesitate contacting me for any further clarification or information you should 
Kind regards, 

Regulatory Development Manager 
Enagás, S.A. 
Pº de los Olmos 19 - 28005 Madrid 
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