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Ref. Ares(2017)941991 - 21/02/2017
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Follow-up to the NSI West Gas Regional Group meeting of 15 February 
Updated supervision strategy to RGs.pdf 
Dear Members, 
I would like to thank you for your constructive participation in the NSI West RG meeting held on 15 
In particular, I would like to thank promoters of the PCI candidates for their presentations and answers to 
all questions concerning their projects. 
•  Please note that the presentation, including the slides presented by project promoters was 
uploaded on CIRCA BC, folder North-South gas interconnections in Western Europe. 
•  You should have received an automatic notification about it generated by CIRCA BC. If you have not 
received such notification, after checking your spam folder, please contact me. 
•  Regarding the document "The supervision strategy for the PCI implementation" that was 
mentioned at the meeting, please note that its new version is attached to this mail and you can also 
find it on CIRCA BC, both in the North-South gas interconnections in Western Europe folder and in 
the "TEN-E Regional Group Meetings" folder (number 13, open to public).  
The following changes have been made with regard the version discussed in September 2016 (and also 
posted on CircaBC):   
•  the document mentions that "Regional Groups […] will be asked to endorse this updated strategy 
in the upcoming meetings of February and March 2017", and  
•  the Commission will keep a register of issues regarding the PCI monitoring that would be raised 
to the attention of individual Regional Groups.  
We should be very grateful if you could send any comments and remarks you may have on this document 
by 28 February 2017 to the following mailbox:  [Emailadresse] , subject matter 
"supervision strategy". 
In case we do not receive any comments or objections to the document by that date we will consider it 
approved. We will regularly come back to the topics identified in the document in upcoming Regional 
Group meetings with a view of improving the monitoring of the implementation of PCIs. 

Policy coordinator 
European Commission 
DG Energy 
rue De Mot, 24 
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium