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Open Source Intelligence Suite 
The Open Source Intelligence Suite (OSINT Suite) is a tool to find, acquire and analyse 
data from the Internet. By providing automatic means for downloading and processing it 
empowers users to gather intelligence from open available sources by removing the 
need to search manually through vast data sets. 
OSINT Suite provides tools to support several 
phases of the intelligence gathering process: 
Acquire Documents
Documents can be acquired from the public 
internet as well as from local sources. A built-
in entity extraction engine identifies person 
Extract Information
and organisation names, locations and ad-
dress details. The extracted information is 
presented in an easy accessible way. This 
Analyse Data
way, the analysis of the human analyst is sup-
Acquire Documents 
OSINT Suite allows to download documents from 
the public internet or to import them from local disk. 
All downloaded documents are stored in a normal-
ized format for further processing. 
The internet search wizard helps to construct que-
ries which are then run against internet search en-
gines. The found web pages can then be 
downloaded at once for local analysis. In addition to 
the search wizard, OSINT Suite contains a crawler 
component. This component can be used to ac-
quire the content of already known sites. The crawler follows the link structure of a tar-
geted website and downloads relevant pages to local disk. An import wizard comple-
ments the acquisition tools. It allows to import locally stored text documents for analysis. 

Extract Information 
OSINT Suite provides an entity extraction en-
gine (see [1] for background publications) to 
identify important information automatically. 
The engine identifies the following entity types: 
•  Person Names 
•  Organisation and Company Names 
•  Locations 
•  Contact details (phone number,  
email addresses, etc.) 
The text locations of the found entities are 
marked up. Thus, the review of large docu-
ment sets by the human analyst is made more efficient. 
Analyse Data 
The extracted entities are presented in a 
straightforward way as a list of names with 
links to related entities and to the underlying 
Furthermore, a graphical viewer allows to 
chart found entities and relationships between 
them. Entities such as persons or organisa-
tions are shown as nodes. The relationships 
between entities which are based on co-
occurrence in the underlying documents are 
shown as links between the nodes. The presentation of entities and their relationships as 
a graph allows to derive intelligence about those entities and their relationships which 
may otherwise not be directly obvious from the original documents. 
System Requirements 
OSINT Suite requires the following system requirements: 
•  Microsoft Windows XP/Vista  
•  Fast CPU (Pentium IV or better) 
•  Min. 1 GB of Main Memory 
•  40 GB of Disk Space 
•  Broadband internet connection  (T1 or better) 
[1] Language Technology Publications List, IPSC SES, http://langtech.jrc.it 
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