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Ref. Ares(2017)2634495 - 24/05/2017
Flash report meeting with FuelsEurope 23 May 2017 
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Flash report meeting with FuelsEurope 23 May 2017 
Two main topics were discussed: Renewables / vehicle CO2 standards post-2020 & Marine fuels: 
implementation of IMO low-sulphur fuel decision. FuelsEurope presentation is attached. 
FuelsEurope argued for a balanced approach to vehicle CO2 standards, not creating very high implicit 
subsidies for electric vehicles and properly accounting fuel improvement / biofuels GHG emissions 
savings (all biofuels should count if they meet the sustainability criteria).  
They also cautioned against unneeded accelerated phase-out of diesel for air quality reasons, and that 
electric vehicles would not decrease import dependency, as dependency of fossil fuels would be 
replaced by dependency on battery cells.  
In the medium to long term, vehicle CO2 standards should integrate life cycle considerations, and the 
link between vehicle and fuels legislation should be strengthened. 
DG MOVE emphasized that we are committed to our decarbonisation goals, but at the same it is clear 
that we need a balanced and predictable policy, and we will still need a large variety of fuels for different 
modes and uses of transport, including electricity, but also traditional fuels, gas and hydrogen. 
FuelsEurope emphasized the need for global compliance with the IMO low-sulphur fuel decision to 
ensure a level-playing field. There should be consistent implementation and effective enforcement 
globally, otherwise there are severe risks for unfair competition and reputational damage.  
DG MOVE acknowledged the severity of these concerns and emphasized its commitment to monitor this 
both at EU and global level. 
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Unit B4 – Sustainable & Intelligent Transport 
European Commission 
DG Mobility and Transport 
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