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Ref. Ares(2017)4345073 - 06/09/2017
Flash report meeting with ACEA & industry coalition – decarbonisation of 
HDVs -  5 September 2017 
Flash report meeting with ACEA & industry coalition – decarbonisation of HDVs -  5 September 2017 
ACEA called for this meeting to present a report that was developed by TML, in cooperation with a wide 
group of stakeholders, to analyse the contribution of a diverse set of measures to reduce CO2 emissions 
from HDV traffic. ACEA emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to decarbonisation and the 
need to include a broad set of industry stakeholders in this regard. 
TML explained the methodological approach of the study (focused on measures other than energy 
efficiency improvements to the vehicle drive train & engine, focus on long-distance transport & logistics 
(non-urban). After that different stakeholders presented the measures and their policy 
recommendations in the key areas of operations, vehicles, alternative fuels & infrastructure.  
DG MOVE welcomed the collaboration between the stakeholders and the relevance of the measures 
presented, and encouraged close cooperation with the responsible services/units to progress. It was 
emphasized that the Commission was undertaking action in most fields, in particular the actions in the 
mobility package (road charging, cabotage), and the upcoming work on cooperative, connected and 
automated mobility and road safety were highlighted.  However, for several measures and their 
implementation, political support is needed from the European Parliament & Member States. 
Unit B4 – Sustainable & Intelligent Transport 
European Commission 
DG Mobility and Transport 
Rue De Mot/De Motstraat 28