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Ref. Ares(2017)5917376 - 04/12/2017
Meeting between Mr Hololei and 
Hydrogen Europe. 1st December  2017 from 5 p.m.  to 6 p.m   
Meeting between Mr Hololei and 
 congratulated Mr Hololei for the 2nd Mobility Package whose initiatives will 
be real drivers to promote low and zero emission vehicles. In particular, he mentioned that the 
revision of the Clean Vehicle Directive will be a key driver to promote Hydrogen & fuel cell 
(HFC) vehicles in public fleets. 
 also mentioned the "Action Plan on Alternative Fuels Infrastructures" whose 
appropriate implementation and follow-up are essential to remove the lack of 
refuelling/recharging infrastructures in the EU, which is the main barrier to the market uptake of 
alternatively fuelled vehicles, and HFC vehicles in particular. In this respect, he proposed that the 
Commission should carry out an annual assessment of the implementation of the goals and 
objectives defined by the MS in their National Policy Frameworks (NPFs) submitted under Art 3 
of the AFI Directive.  
 would like Hydrogen for Europe to participate in the National Road Shows to 
be held in the framework of the implementation of the "Action Plan on Alternative Fuels 
Infrastructure". Mr Hololei agreed with the idea to invite the main stakeholders in the sector to 
the”National Road Shows”. 
 suggested the set-up of a forum/platform of discussion with the Commission 
(DG MOVE, DG REGIO, and INEA) and EIB, to assess the synergies among the different 
financial tools (CEF programme, ERDF, ESF and EIB loans) in order to combine these financial 
instrument for the funding of large scale hydrogen projects for transport. Mr Hololei agreed to 
create this forum/platform with the above mentioned actors. 
 expressed his concerns regarding the delay of Europe compared to California, 
China, Japan and Korea in the manufacturing and use of HFC vehicles. He also mentioned that 
California has implemented a "Low Emission Mandate" that is promoting significantly the 
market of HFC passenger cars. HFC busses are being introduced in Korea, Japan and China. In 
this latter country HFC busses are being manufactured at costs not significantly higher than diesel 
 underlined that European companies are now supplying components for HFC 
vehicles and Hydrogen filling stations in the above-mentioned countries. However, although 
Europe remains leader in the manufacturing of Hydrogen filling stations and components, as 
regards the market of HFC vehicles the lack of involvement of OEM in Europe could create in 
the future a serious problem in the competitiveness of the EU vehicles industry. 

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