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further developed. But biofuels are probably not sufficient for large ships. There 
are many solutions that are needed. Dependent on the various uses and even 
geographical differences. 
HH:we need indeed to encompass all alternatives together. 
: we want to keep to Paris. Very engaged into CCS. EVs mainly in California, 
but pick-up trucks and SUV are biggest grow markets. And gas remains the main. 
But Paris gives us a clear framework. EVS are a bit more present in cities. 
Batteries are not sufficiently strong in density. It will have to be the next 
generation. Energy density will be the real next step. Energy storage is key. 
HH: market will regulate - economics will remain important. HH points at the 
change in car ownership. China is also to be looked after: they role out very fast 
and at high scale. Let’s see what this will bring. Will it lead to export? Solar and 
batteries have been two recent examples.  
: not into these developments with equity - too complicated. But we are 
engaging in some funds that may develop such technologies. We have several 
ongoing initiatives. We may even have one in Europe. 
HH: please keep the contact line open. Thanking for the open discussion.