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I write to you on behalf of the European Jewish Congress
(EJC)  regarding the upcoming International Holocaust
Remembrance Day Ceremony  that will take place in the
European Parliament in Brussels on 27th January 2016.
The event is organized in partnership with the President of the
European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schulz.
On a separate note, every year we are preparing a programme
which will be distributed during the event. In previous
ceremonies held in Brussels we have always received a keynote
message for the programme from the president of the European
Commission. Please see the email below and the message from
last year attached for your information. We would deeply
appreciate receiving President Juncker’s message in order to
include it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, last year President
Juncker was unable to attend the Commemoration event in
Prague and we really expect that this year he will honour
European Jewish Communities and all participants with his
presence. It will be a strong message for all Jews of Europe
during this difficult period. The EJC sincerely hope to continue
the strong and fruitful relationship that was built with the
presidency of the European Commission in the past.
Please find attached an invitation letter from 
 for the kind attention of President Jean-Claude
Attached to this letter, please find as well an invitation to the
EJC’s 30th Anniversary Dinner. Distinguished guests will honour
us with their presence, including Rt. Hon. Tony Blair.
The original invitation will arrive shortly by post.  
We remain at your disposal for any questions you might have.
Kind regards,
European Jewish Congress (EJC)
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Web : www.eurojewcong.org
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