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Ref. Ares(2019)5332022 - 21/08/2019
Science Cloud 
Explain where we are in the process: 
  Launch in November 18 of Cloud - initial portal and governance structures. 
  Last week: first meetings of the executive board (experts/stakeholders). Setting up 
working groups to develop business plan, portal, prioritise the work –  which research 
communities to be included first etc. 
  As of Q2 2019, the portal will begin offering data access and discovery service.  
Issues in the coming year
  Complement the process mind-set – which is useful to get buy in from research 
communities and other stakeholders – with a product mind-set – more focus on 
building the infrastructure:  
  improve the portal interface (it is very poor), 
  interoperability of data cross border/cross discipline – with our cloud being a federated 
infrastructure with decentralised data repositories, standards are crucial. 
  develop a business model for the Cloud – how to make it sustainable in the long run  
Thank for Microsoft’s useful input in the development phase (
) and invite 
them to participate in the working groups that will develop the plans for the work ahead.  
Artificial Intelligence/Ethics 
The expert group on AI set up by the Commission published draft guidelines for the 
development and use of AI on 18 December. They used as a basis the work of the EGE.  
The principles are very much in line with those of Microsoft [including transparency, 
accountability, security].  
The expert group is now seeking feedback on the draft by 1 February and we would welcome 
feedback from Microsoft [we can then follow up with Microsoft, send the link].  
In March 2019, the expert group will present their final guidelines to the Commission which 
will analyse them and propose how to take this work forward. The ambition is then to bring 
Europe's ethical approach to the global stage. The Commission is opening up cooperation to 
all non-EU countries that are willing to share the same values.  
For the future, it is not planned that the Commission would adopt the guidelines as such as it 
is the work of experts, but we will come with the next steps end of March / beginning of April 
[probably a communication with the key points of the expert report and asking companies to 
endorse and apply – self-regulation].