Ares(2020)69338 - Reply from the EU Commission: URGENT: Ares(2019)7853568 - Doherty - GESTDEM 2019/7355

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Dear Sir,

Your request has been forwarded to us.

The information you mention is available online via the EU tariff databases. The addresses are listed at the end of this message, above the disclaimer.


From the description of the product, we assume that the codes concerned are listed below and cover almost all chapter 18 "Cocoa and cocoa preparations".


1803   Cocoa paste, whether or not defatted : 

1804   Cocoa butter, fat and oil

1805   Cocoa powder, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter 

1806   Chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa :  

1806 10 -  Cocoa powder, containing added sugar or other sweetening matter : 

1806 20 -  Other preparations in blocks, slabs or bars weighing more than 2 kg or in liquid, paste, powder, granular or other bulk form in containers or immediate packings, of a content exceeding 2 kg : 

   -  Other, in blocks, slabs or bars : 

1806 90 -  Other :


Although the information requested is available on the TARIC web site, this information can only be accessed one product code at a time. This could be impractical considering the large number of product codes and origins concerned. The TARIC web site is more suited for punctual requests.

It is therefore advised consulting the TARIC data available in public excel files.

The information for tariff and restrictions for January 2020 is available at the following address:


in the xlsx file "duties import 01-99".


Anonymous access and registered access are both possible. The advantage of being registered is that you will be notified when new data is made available. If you want to be registered, ECAS account is needed.


Below is a sample taken from the excel file.







Non preferential tariff quota

Regulation 0928/06

43.000 %




Tariff preference

Decision 0037/17

0.000 %


The first row is a tariff quota applicable to all origins (erga omnes), and to all products falling under code 1806

The second row is a tariff preference applicable within the EU-Canada trade agreement.


For a more comprehensive understanding and interpretation of the data please refer to the document "Explanation for the TARIC database extractions" (




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First name: John

Surname: Doherty

Business domain: Citizen

Email: [Emailadresse]

Address: Operngasse 28/5, 1040 Vienna

Country: Austria


Requested document: The EU charges, tariffs or restrictions on imports of

processed cocoa products like chocolate bars from

outside the EU.



Responsible Directorate-General or service: AGRI

Language requested: English


(EN or FR) if the language requested is not available): English

Ref. Ares(2019)7853568 - 20/12/2019