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RE: Vela 10-11 contract - 
Ref. Ares(2020)3493574 - 02/07/2020
Ref. Ares(2020)3508895 - 03/07/2020
RE: Vela 10-11 contract
Wed 18/03/20 18:37
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Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
  Please have  a look at the recent guidelines from BUDG (in ares and a ached) Pls let me know if you s ll need 
advice  Many thanks and kind regards x
From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2020 6:07 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Vela 10-11 contract
Dear xxxxxxxxxx, 
I have just had a phone call with Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx about the situa on of the Vela 10-11 contract.
Of course, due to the current situa on they cannot come to the site as foreseen to start the installa on 
Just before the introduc on of the movement restric ons they had delivered a good part of
the components of the air condi oning system and of the sampling system (dilu on tunnel)  and the 
plan was to start the mechanical installa on at the beginning of March. Now we do not know when it 
will be possible to start this ac vity but definitely there will be a significant delay and at the moment it 
is difficult to foresee the impact on the final acceptance of the facili es.
Speaking with the colleagues of the contract unit, I have understood that we have two possibili es:
- Formally suspending the contract to basically not count the  me elapsed during this crisis, but this will 
require some administra ve work now and also a erwards to reac vate it.  I am not sure whether in 
this case they can ask a revision of the price.
- Con nuing without any formal step and in case amending the contract a erwards to change the 
deadline in order to take into account the delay.
This second approach is of course simpler and speaking with Mr xxxxxxxxxxxx also ok for them provided 
that we'll not apply the penal es. 
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18/06/2020, 11:16

RE: Vela 10-11 contract - 
Please let me know what you think is the best approach.
Best regards
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18/06/2020, 11:16