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Ref. Ares(2021)4769750 - 26/07/2021
Meeting report - Meeting between EUROFER and DG TAXUD , 12 April 2021 
Participants: Gerassimos Thomas, 
, ,(DG TAXUD), Axel Eggert, 
On request of EUROFER, this meeting took place to discuss the upcoming proposal for a CBAM.  
DG TAXUD gave a state of play of the preparation of the proposal, with the draft Impact Assessment 
about to being finalised. The Impact Assessment assesses six different options for the design of the 
CBAM, including a notional ETS, an import tax and an excise duty.  
EUROFER reiterated their support for a CBAM as such, but expressed opposition to the notion that  
CBAM is an alternative to the free allocation of EU ETS allowances as it was announced in the 
European Green Deal. In the view of EUROFER, a combination of CBAM with current measures to 
address carbon leakage, in particular free allocation of allowances, would be legally possibly.  
DG TAXUD explained that WTO compatibility is key principle of the CBAM and thus interaction with 
the revised ETS and the ETS Free Allowances for CBAM sectors is an important consideration for the 
design of the measure. 
It was agreed to remain in touch and possibly meet again closer to the finalisation of the proposal.