Basis for statements concerning the Irish legal services market made in Document COM(2014) 408 final

Die Anfrage wurde abgelehnt durch Generaldirektion Wirtschaft und Finanzen.

Dear Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN),


In paragraph 16 of the preamble to the Commission's "Recommendation for a Council Recommendation on Ireland’s 2014 national reform programme and delivering a Council opinion on Ireland’s 2014 stability programme" COM(2014)final the European Commission made several statements concerning the costs of legal services in Ireland namely:

1./ The cost of enforcing contracts is high. Lawyer fees represent the majority of these costs, at 18.8 pp

2./ unlike for other professional services, legal services costs have failed to adjust downwards since the onset of the crisis, in part due to insufficient competition.

3./ Judicial and court administrative resources to implement active pre-trial case management are very limited, which may be contributing to delays in the delivery of justice and raise costs; and

4./ there are significant gaps in Ireland's ability to collect data on the quality and efficiency of the justice system.


Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

The basis and evidence under which the European Commission made each of the statements concerning the Irish legal services market as outlined in points 1-4 above.

Yours faithfully,

Fred Logue

Dear Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN),

In relation to my request for access to documents there was a typographical error. The correct document reference should be COM(2014) 408 final

Yours faithfully,

Fred Logue

Generaldirektion Wirtschaft und Finanzen

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Dear Sir,
Thank you for your request for access to documents. Unfortunately you have
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Yours faithfully,
S. van Ackere
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European Commission
Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs
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Dear Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN),

Thanks you for your acknowledgement of receipt of my request under Regulation 1049/2001.

Since my request has been validly made under Article 6(1) of that regulation and there does not appear to be a valid need for it I am declining to provide my postal address since I do not wish it to be published on the internet.

Yours faithfully,

Fred Logue