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Brexit events

Abdul Hai made this Informationsfreiheit request to Europäischer Auswärtiger Dienst

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Dear European External Action Service,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

Hi I am not sure if you are the right part of the EU to send this to.

Since the Brexit vote can you list the number of events which have taken place like this one? https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/bre...

Can you publish any cost estimates you have of those events?

Can you publish any documents you have in regards to how Commission employees are meant to conduct themselves during those events? For example I believe like British civil servants EU civil servants are not meant to express political views.

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Hai

Europäischer Auswärtiger Dienst

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Dear Sir,
We hereby acknowledge receipt of your request that has been transmitted to
us by the European External Action Service.
Having examined your request, we consider that this request must be
considered as a request for access to information.
This request for information has been transmitted today to the DG COMM
Directorate C - Representation and Communication in the Member States -,
which will directly provide you with a reply within 15 working days in
accordance with the Code of Good Administrative Behaviour.
Best regards,
European Commission

EEAS ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS, Europäischer Auswärtiger Dienst

Dear Mr Hai,


Thank you for your request. Please note that your request falls under the
competence of the European Commission and was sent to them.

Your request will be closed in our database.

Yours sincerely,



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SG.AFFGEN.2 – Parliamentary Affairs


Document requested: Brexit events




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Dear Mr Hai,

Responding to your request for information, we can inform you that the
session referred to is part of series of information sessions on EU
citizens’ rights supported by the Representation of the European
Commission in the UK, organised by third parties. There is no European
Commission staff directly involved in the delivery of these sessions.
According to UK legislation, only qualified immigration lawyers or adviser
may provide immigration advice to citizens. As European Commission staff
is not qualified to do this, all supported information sessions have been
carried out by UK qualified immigration solicitors or advisers. Since 2018
the immigration lawyers and advisers have attended 277 information
sessions delivered all across the UK at an average rate of EUR 635 /


The aim of these information sessions is to facilitate factual,
non-political information on EU citizens’ rights in the UK in the context
of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. The service provides for
an immigration solicitor/advisor to attend an event organised by a third
party and deliver a presentation and answer citizens’ questions. The
presentations and the following Q&As mostly deal with the practical
aspects of the “EU Settlement Scheme”
what rights are covered and how eligible citizens may apply to get their
new immigration status.

Yours sincerely,



European Commission
Representation in the UK

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London SW1P 3EU

United Kingdom

+44 20 7973 1992

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Any personal data is processed in line with the Regulation (EC)45/2001.


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Communication/European Commission Representations is treated accordingly.




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Wir sind nicht sicher, ob die letzte Antwort auf diese Anfrage Informationen enthält – »falls Sie Abdul Hai sind, bitte melden Sich an und lassen es uns wissen.