Dear European Parliament,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

- A complete list of all meetings held by MEP Anna Zaborská(or any member of her team/staff) with churches, religious associations or communities (or members of them), from 1 January 2014 onwards.
- All documents, including all emails, minutes, reports or other documents received or drawn up before, during or after the meetings, and any other briefing papers related to these meetings.
- All correspondence between MEP Anna Zaborská(or any member of her team/staff) with churches, religious associations or communities (or members of them) from 1 January 2017.

I would prefer to receive this information in a machine-readable electronic format.
Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions related to my request.

Yours faithfully,

Josefina Marti
Calle de Juan Bravo 62

AccesDocs, Europäisches Parlament

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Dear Mrs Martí,


In reply to your two requests for access to documents related to
correspondence or documents drafted by Mrs Zaborská or her team in
relation with meetings held by this MEP and various actors or
representatives of churches and of religious communities, since 1^st
January 2017, Parliament identified the following three documents with a
link between the MEP and a religious topic :


-              Explanation to the vote on a draft resolution of 17.04.2014
on Religious freedoms and cultural diversity ([1]B7-0365/2014)

-              Question for written answer E-5488/2018 on the introduction
of an International Day commemorating victims and survivors of religious

-              Written declaration, on recognition of the genocide
perpetrated against Christians around the world and the establishment of a
European Day against the persecution of and discrimination against
Christians around the world (27.04.2015)


Parliament draws your attention to the fact that all official
parliamentary work of MEPs –tabled under Parliament's Rules of
Procedures-  is published in the Parliament's webpages :
[5] OR
as well as in the webpages dedicated to each MEP


Documents drawn up by an MEP –not tabled under Parliament's Rules of
Procedure- are not to be considered as Parliament document, and therefore
do not fall within the scope of application of Regulation (EC) No
1049/2001 on access to documents.


It is useful to remind that MEPs are free (Rule 2 of the Rules of
) to conduct their political activities on issues of their interest,
within their political groups or their constituencies as well as to
organise events on their behalf or to join informal groupings such as the
intergroups, where they hold informal exchanges of views with the civil

Nevertheless their conduct is clarified in the : "Code of Conduct for
Members of the European Parliament with respect to financial interests and
conflicts of interest" (since 2012) and further developed in the
implementing Measures for this Code of Conduct (since 2013)

MEPs of the next parliamentary term 2019-2024 are expected to be more
transparent about their meetings with interest representatives according
to Rule 11a of Parliament's Rules of Procedures as revised on 31.01.2019.


Parliament trusts that the attached documents satisfy your research and on
this basis it considers your requests as handled and the files closed. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have any new request
for specific Parliament documents.


Kind regards,


European Parliament
Directorate General
for the Presidency
Directorate for
and Legislative


[11]Public Register webpage
[12][email address]










PS  May we draw your attention to the fact that the Acknowledgment of
receipt of one of your two requests return us undeliverable : 

Échec de la remise pour ces destinataires ou groupes : [13]'Josefina Martí
<[FOI #6718 email]>' (INVALID:Josefina Martí
<[FOI #6718 email]>) L’adresse de courrier que vous
avez spécifiée dans votre message est incorrecte et l’adresse de votre
destinataire est incorrecte. Veuillez vérifier l’adresse de courrier du
destinataire, puis essayez de renvoyer le message.

Parliament cannot be held accountable for technical issues linked to the
use of the private website AsktheEU



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