Deprivation of Citizenship of the Union (EU)

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Dear European Parliament,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

I refer to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Article 20 (ex Article 17 TEC), which states as
"1. Citizenship of the Union is hereby established. Every person holding the
nationality of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union. Citizenship of the
Union shall be additional to and not replace national citizenship."

My questions are as follows;

Q-1 What is the legal status of the such 'Citizenship of the Union'?
Q-2 Is there any difference between 'Citizenship of the Union' and say, a British Citizen, in terms of protections provided by the citizenships?

Assuming once an individual has gained such Citizenship of the Union, I have following questions;
Q-3 Is there any document that guide on the process by which such 'Citizenship of the Union' could be renounced? If yes, please provide me the document.
Q-4 Is there any document that guide on the process by which such 'Citizenship of the Union' could be deprived of? If yes, please provide me the document.
Q-5 What are the factors that could become a reason for such deprivation of the 'Citizenship of the Union'?
Q-6 Can an individual be deprived of such 'Citizenship of the Union' and of all the rights associated with such citizenship, for no acts or omissions of the individual himself?


Yours faithfully,

Amir Farooqui

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Dear Mr Farooqui,

On 10 October 2016 you made a request to Parliament for information rather than for specific documents.

In view of the above, we have forwarded your request to the appropriate service for response. You will receive an answer from Parliament in due time.

Nevertheless, should you identify specific document(s) of the European Parliament you would like obtain access to, do not hesitate to submit a new request.

Best regards,

European Parliament
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Dear Mr Farooqui,


The Citizens’ Enquiries Unit of the European Parliament (EP) has been
asked to reply to your request for information concerning EU citizenship.


As to your first question, any person who holds the nationality of an EU
country is automatically also an EU citizen. EU citizenship is additional
to and does not replace national citizenship. It is for each EU country to
lay down the conditions for the acquisition and loss of nationality of
that country. Citizenship of the Union is conferred directly on every EU
citizen by the [1]Treaty on the Functioning of the EU.


We would inform you that the European Commission, the institution
responsible for ensuring that EU law is applied throughout all Member
States, has answered several [2]parliamentary questions regarding the
subject that you invoke linked to a Member State hypothetically leaving
the Union.


One such question was [3]Parliamentary Question E-008133/2012 on secession
within the Union and citizen membership, in which the Commission replied:
“It is not the role of the Commission to express a position on questions
of internal organisation related to the constitutional arrangements in the
Member States. Concerning certain scenarios such as the separation of one
part of a Member State or the creation of a new State, these would not be
neutral as regards the EU Treaties.”


Furthermore, in a [4]response to a [5]question on citizenship of the Union
in 2008, the Commission stated: “Community law does not allow for an
individual to separately hold citizenship of a Member State and
citizenship of the Union. An individual can therefore only renounce
citizenship of the Union by renouncing citizenship of the Member State of
which he or she is the national.”


For your information moreover, there are several [6]ongoing petitions
received by the European Parliament on EU citizenship which you may want
to follow. More information can be found on the homepage of the
[7]Petitions Committee of the European Parliament.


Further information on the citizens of the Union and their rights is
available in the [8]European Parliament factsheet on the matter. The
European Commission provides information [9]on the rights flowing from EU
citizenship. Furthermore, [10]the EU Citizenship Portal offers information
about issues related to EU citizenship and your rights as a citizen of a
European Union member country.


Finally, please note that the European Parliament is a political and
legislative institution of the European Union (EU) whose powers are
established by the European treaties; it cannot therefore take a stance on
issues beyond its competences and on the basis of hypothetical scenarios.


We thank you for contacting the European Parliament.


Yours sincerely,


Citizens' Enquiries Unit




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