Documents on Tunisia phosphate production

Klärung der Anfrage wird erwartet. Wenn Sie Federica Marsi sind, bitte Anmelden um eine Nachfrage zu senden.

Dear European Investment Bank,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

- Any documents detailing loans or other agreements between EIB and Tunisian officials that mention the "Tunisian Chemicals Group", also referred to as "Groupe Chimique Tunisien" or "GCT".
- Any documents detailing loans or other agreements between EIB and the Tunisian government regarding the production of "sulphuric acid" and/or "phosphoric acid".
- Emails, transcripts or internal correspondence between EIB and the "Tunisian Chemicals Group", also referred to as "Groupe Chimique Tunisien" or "GCT".

Thank you for replying within the timeframe set by the law.

Yours faithfully,

Federica Marsi.

EIB Infodesk, Europäische Investitionsbank

Dear Ms. Marsi,

Thank you for your e-mail and interest in the European Investment Bank
(EIB), the long-term financing institution of the European Union.

We hereby confirm receipt of your query, which is being handled in line
with the provisions of the EIB Group Transparency Policy. We will revert
to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks for your kind understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Infodesk Team
European Investment Bank
[EIB request email]
For more details concerning EIB procedures for handling information
requests, please refer to the EIB Group "Transparency Policy": (
). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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EIB Infodesk, Europäische Investitionsbank

Dear Ms. Marsi,

We refer to your request of 18 August 2019 sent to the European Investment
Bank (EIB) via the website, related to the EIB operations on
phosphate production in Tunisia. Your request has been handled in line
with the EIB Group Transparency Policy (EIB-TP) [1].

We thank you for your interest in our financing activities and would like
to inform you that all operations financed by the EIB are published on the
Bank’s website, together with the corresponding publicly available
information: [1]

The Bank holds contractual relationships with the Group Chimique Tunisien
(GCT) as part of the following operations:

• Tunisian Indian Fertilizers: Construction of phosphoric acid plant close
to existing plant (Skhira) near Gabès in south of Tunisia. (2006-0090)
• GCT - Environmental Upgrade: The project concerns a programme for
upgrading some of GCT's facilities to Tunisian environmental standards, in
line with international best practice, in order to eliminate or reduce the
environmental impact of GCT's activities. (2008-0321)
• MDHILLA TSP: Construction of sulphuric and phosphoric acid production
complex to increase output of triple superphosphate fertiliser plant in
Mdhilla. (2010-0276)

Regarding the clarifications needed for the Bank to better identify the
relevant information and documents [2], we refer to your ongoing
conversation with the EIB Communications Department in the context of the
M’Dhilla TSP project.

We hope you find this information useful, and remain at your disposal
should you require any further information. [3]

Yours sincerely,

Juan Manuel Sterlin Balenciaga
Deputy Head of Division

Carsten Wachholz
Civil Society Officer

Civil Society Division
Corporate Responsibility Department
General Secretariat

[1] [2]
[2] In line with Article 5.19 of the EIB TP
[3] In line with Article 5.31 of the EIB Group Transparency Policy, please
be informed that, should you consider this reply as unsatisfactory, you
have the right to make a confirmatory application or lodge a complaint
with the EIB Group Complaints Mechanism.


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