food safety and Nestle

Die Anfrage war erfolgreich.

Dear Secretariat General,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

correspondence, and any other documents, including phone logs, from or related to Yasmine Motarjemi in relation to food safety and Nestle.

Yours faithfully,

Arun Dohle

Generalsekretariat der Europäischen Kommission

Dear Mr Dohle,

Thank you for your email dated 09/12/2015 concerning your access to information request.

Unfortunately you have not indicated your postal address that is required for registering and handling your request in line with the procedural requirements.

Could you please confirm your postal address?

Viktoriastr. 46 - 52066 Aachen - Germany

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

European Commission
Secretariat General
Unit SG.B.4 (Rc) – Transparency

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Dear Secretariat General,

That's indeed my postal address.

Yours faithfully,

Arun Dohle

Generalsekretariat der Europäischen Kommission

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email dated 10/12/2015.

We hereby acknowledge receipt of your application for access to documents, which was registered on 10/12/2015 under reference number GestDem 2015/6491.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents, your application will be handled within 15 working days.

The time limit will expire on 11/01/2016. In case this time limit needs to be extended, you will be informed in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Carlos Remis
Berl. 05/315

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Arun Dohle hat eine Nachricht hinterlassen ()

Time Limit: 11 January 2016

Generalsekretariat der Europäischen Kommission

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Dear Secretariat General, DG Sanco,

Thank you for the holding reply, by which you informed me that you need to extend the time limit with 15 days because of the need to consult a third party.

I am surprised that consultation was not possible during the initial 15 days processing time.

Therefore, I take the liberty to remind you of the opinion of the European Ombudsman which she formulated following my complaint related to another Access for Documents request:

Case 1743/2013/TN: Commission agrees to improve its handling of requests for public access to documents provided by a third party

The Commission had not responded, within the stipulated time-limit, to a request for public access to documents, some of which came from a third party. During the course of the inquiry, the Commission gave access to the requested documents.

The Ombudsman made a number of further remarks, suggesting improvements to the Commission's procedures. She suggested that, when an EU institution has to consult a third party in order to assess whether public access can be granted to a document, the institution should give the third party a deadline for its response. If the third party does not respond within the set deadline, the institution should proceed to deciding on the access request, bearing in mind that, in principle, all documents should be accessible to the public. A decision to refuse access to third-party documents cannot be based merely on the third party's undefined reservations regarding disclosure. If the third-party asks the institution who has requested access to the document in question, the third party's request for information should not be allowed to delay the institution's handling of the request for access to the document.

In its follow-up to the Ombudsman's further remarks, the Commission accepted the above suggestions.

Yours faithfully,

Arun Dohle

Generalsekretariat der Europäischen Kommission

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EC ARES NOREPLY, Generalsekretariat der Europäischen Kommission

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Veuillez trouver ci-joint le document Ares(2016)693728 concernant "DOHLE Arun GestDem 2015/6654" envoyé par M/Mme DANIELSSON Christian le 09/02/2016.

Please find attached document Ares(2016)693728 regarding "DOHLE Arun GestDem 2015/6654" sent by Mr/Ms DANIELSSON Christian on 09/02/2016.

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