Offloaded due to 2 year out of UK stay without ILR/Rules,SOPs to check Valid Visa

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Dear Migration and Home Affairs,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:
Dear FOI Responses,

FOI Responses
Re: FOI Case Ref: 42429 - Syed Kamran - Clarification response

January 30th, 2017
Dear FOI Responses,

Dear Home office,

I hope this time you will definitely reply my General concern. As my all previous requests made were not answered.

I need to know following and highly appreciate your kind consideration in sharing the same,

A) UK valid visa check / visa verification process at Overseas-out of UK / Third Country’s Airport.

B) Power / Mandate to Offloading, UK bound passenger holding Valid UK visa at out of UK - third
Country’s Airport

C) UK Bound Passenger’s travelling back to UK within the initial 03 year visa issuance and within
validity, also holding exceptional compelling & circumstance , and stayed 02 year out of UK.
for example : Where third Country –Out of UK / Overseas, Immigration Authority, still think
important to verify the validity of passenger’s who is already holding UK valid visa.

D) How UK valid visa holder / passenger arriving in UK Port of Entry, will be treated and
accommodated under what rules or by discretion, guidance / rules, if for example Tier -1 General
visa holders,
Whose Visa was issued initially for 03 - three years/ not holding ILR Stamp on any passport and
arriving UK with Over two year out of UK stay due to valid exceptional serious compelling and
compassionate reasons and with valid documents and evidence.

For all above four items. Please share, published policy, rules, operational guidance , mandate,
checking / examination & UK valid visa verification procedure. (Including verbal / Oral instructions, e-
mails and on telephone). Required, effective time duration between (January 2015 to March 2015)

Requested items as mention above items, Issued to following,
Please share specific role of all three in detaining / offloading ,SOP/Rules, powers and mandate given
to following for UK visa verification and related checks,

1) Third Country’s –out of UK, Immigration Authorities
2) Airlines / Carriers
3) Immigration Liaison Officer, based out side UK at the port of passenger’s departure

E) Immigration Liaison office work

a) What is his role and how effective his advice is. How his guidance are accountable and under
what authority he operate?
b) What are his powers,SOP, role and mandate in relation to UK valid visa holder where visa
verification is required.
c) If passenger UK valid visa verification is required from out of UK / Port of departure.
On what type of specific VISA information required as appear on visa and
without Physical inspection of passport/visa, Can he guide or instruct Airline /
immigration Authority to offload a Passenger at overseas airport. Please share the SOP,
operational method and Rules.
d) Is he or Who can advice offloading a UK bound passenger, if passenger UK valid visa verification is
not possible at departure.

F) "UKVisaRequirements"

As per documentRefrence: Produced by: CARRIERS LIAISON SECTION, UKBA, TEL: +44 20 3014 8230
(FAX 8221) [email address] The information on this poster
was correct: 03-04-12

a) Please confirm from above reference UKVisaRequirements, What correct published document
is relevant/ valid during effective time duration, January 2015 – March 2015, to check for UK
Bound passengers visa or conditions at out of UK,third country’s overseas airport

b) How passenger's Offloading on verbal/ Oral instruction is defined and comes under what
document issued by UK / Immigration Authorities

c) Who / Authorities can offload a UK bound passenger on verbal/ Oral instruction at the port of
departure, if passenger's UK valid visa verification is not possible at the time of departure.
where as passenger is already holding UK valid visa and travelling with all valid travel documents.
I request to please share the policy / rules or any published document cover the above, effective
during Jan-Mar 2015

Yours sincerely,

Syed Kamran

EC ARES NOREPLY, Generaldirektion Inneres

[1]Ares(2017)522259 - FW: access to documents request - Offloaded due to 2
year out of UK stay without ILR/Rules,SOPs to check Valid Visa

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