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SA.21259 Madeira Free Trade Zone - Tax scheme

Susana Coroado made this Informationsfreiheit request to Generaldirektion Wettbewerb

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Dear DG Competition,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting the decision taken on 04.12.2020 regarding the case number SA.21259, i.e, the conclusion of the formal investigation procedure on the Madeira Free Zone aid scheme opened in 2018.

Yours faithfully,

Susana Coroado

COMP-ACCESS-TO-DOCUMENTS@ec.europa.eu, Generaldirektion Wettbewerb

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Dear Madam,
Thank you for your request for access to documents.
Unfortunately, you have not indicated your postal address. This is necessary
for registering and handling your request in line with the procedural
Please send us your full postal address at your earliest convenience. Pending
your reply, we reserve the right to refuse the registration of your request.
Alternatively, you may use directly the electronic form available on the
Europa website:

Best regards,

Access to Documents team
DG Competition-European Commission
MADOU-12-85 B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
email: [email address]

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Dear [email address],

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your reply.
My postal address is
Avenida Rio de Janeiro, 30A, Piso 1
1700-336 Lisboa, Portugal

Yours sincerely,

Susana Coroado

COMP-ACCESS-TO-DOCUMENTS@ec.europa.eu, Generaldirektion Wettbewerb

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail of 24/03/2021. We hereby acknowledge receipt of your application for access to documents, which was registered on 19/04/2021 under reference number GESTDEM 2021/2478.

In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents, your application will be handled within 15 working days. The time limit will expire on 10/05/2021. In case this time limit needs to be extended, you will be informed in due course.

You have lodged your application via a private third-party website, which has no link with any institution of the European Union. Therefore, the European Commission cannot be held accountable for any technical issues or problems linked to the use of this system.

Please note that the private third party running the [name of the private information platform] website is responsible and accountable for the processing of your personal data via that website, and not the Commission. For further information on your rights, please refer to the third party’s privacy policy.

We understand that the third party running the AsktheEU.org website usually publishes the content of applicants’ correspondence with the Commission on that website. This includes the personal data that you may have communicated to the Commission (e.g. your private postal address).

Similarly, the third party publishes on that website any reply that the Commission will send to the email address of the applicants generated by the AsktheEU.org website.

If you do not wish that your correspondence with the Commission is published on a private third-party website such as AsktheEU.org, you can provide us with an alternative, private e-mail address for further correspondence. In that case, the Commission will send all future electronic correspondence addressed to you only to that private address, and it will use only that private address to reply to your request. You should still remain responsible to inform the private third-party website about this change of how you wish to communicate with, and receive a reply from, the Commission.

For information on how we process your personal data visit our page https://ec.europa.eu/info/principles-and....

Yours faithfully,
Access to Documents Team

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COMP-H1@ec.europa.eu, Generaldirektion Wettbewerb

Dear Mrs Coroado,


Thank you for your request of the Commission decision in the
above-mentioned case, dated 24/03/2021.


As DG Competition and the Portuguese authorities are in the process of
establishing a public version of the decision that does not contain any
business secrets or other confidential information, no public version of
this text is currently available. DG Competition is trying to settle this
issue as soon as possible with a view to a quick publication.


In this regard, we would like to point out that you are invited to check
the present section of DG Competition's website regularly in order to
remain aware of any further developments. The Commission will make a
non-confidential version of the Decision available on its website at the
following address in the near future:


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


Best regards,



European Commission - Competition DG
Infrastructure and Regional aid


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Wir sind nicht sicher, ob die letzte Antwort auf diese Anfrage Informationen enthält – »falls Sie Susana Coroado sind, bitte melden Sich an und lassen es uns wissen.