Single-use plastics and fishing gear Directive trilogue related documents

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Silvia Rodriguez

Dear Environment,

By virtue of the right of access to documents of the EU Treaties, as laid down in Regulation 1049/2001, I hereby request the following Single-use plastics and fishing gear Directive, 2018/0172(COD), trilogue related documents:

- Trilogue documents (the four-column documents), in-house communications, briefings, minutes, notes and reports produced;

- A list of all lobby meetings (including phone calls, conference calls etc) held by DG Environment, the Secretariat-General or Commissioners from May 2018 until July 2019 where single-use plastics, as well as plastic packaging commitments, were discussed.

- The list should include the names of the individuals and organisations participating; the date; and any minutes/notes produced.

- A document with all public consultation responses (if possible with the public details of the respondents).

These documents would allow me to carry out the academic research I am conducting on trilogues.

Please provide all responses electronically to my email.

Yours faithfully,

Silvia Rodriguez