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Die Antwort auf diese Anfrage ist lange im Rückstand. Nach gesetzlicher Vorschrift sollte Europäisches Parlament Ihnen inzwischen unter allen Umständen geantwortet haben. (Details). Sie können sich beschweren, indem sie Interne Prüfung beantragen .

Sultan Abu Sadr

Dear European Parliament,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:

a list of all travels of the Members of EP in the current legislation periode outside the EU territory as part of a group or as single traveller.

Yours faithfully,

Sultan Abu Sadr

AccesDocs, Europäisches Parlament

Our ref.: A (2017) 8332

Dear Mr Sultan Abu Sadr,

The European Parliament acknowledges receipt of your request.

You should receive a reply within 15 working days.

Best regards,

PRES | Directorate General for the Presidency
Directorate for Interinstitutional Affairs and Legislative Coordination

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AccesDocs, Europäisches Parlament

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Our reference: A(2017)8332



Dear Mr Abu Sadr,


This mail concerns your request for public access to the list of all
travels of the Members of the EP in the current legislation period outside
the EU territory as part of a group or as single traveller (the request).


The decision regarding the request has now been adopted and is to be
notified to you. However, your postal address is required to proceed with
the notification.


Article 297 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
provides that ‘[...] decisions which specify to whom they are addressed
shall be notified to those to whom they are addressed and shall take
effect upon such notification’. 


In the present case, the notification of the decision will trigger the
possibility of an administrative redress under Regulation (EC) No
1049/2001. The notification will indeed mark the start of the
15-working-day time limit to apply for Parliament to reconsider its
position under Article 7(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001.


The only way available to Parliament to establish with legal certainty
that the decision notification has taken place, as well as its date, is to
notify the decision to you via registered mail. Your sending us of your
postal address is therefore necessary to follow the procedure set out in
Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001.


Hence, with a view to permitting Parliament to duly notify this decision
to you, you are kindly invited, again, to send us your postal address, as
is also provided for by Article 8(3) of the Bureau Decision of 28 November
2001 (OJ C 216, 22.7.2011, p. 19).


As is stated on the European Parliament’s webpage on access to documents,
the information will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No
45/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of
personal data by the Community institutions and bodies.


Your postal address may be sent confidentially to the following address:
[1]AccesDocs[at] or via Parliament’s dedicated public register


Until reception of this information, Parliament is not in a position
to further process request A(2016)15672. Such processing requires your
due collaboration. The administrative procedure is therefore suspended for
the time being. In the absence of any answer within 20 working days, your
application will be considered withdrawn and the file closed.


We look forward to reading from you.






European Parliament
Directorate-General for the Presidency
Interinstitutional Affairs and Legislative
[3][email address]






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