European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training

A Policy agency, also called CEDEFOP

Cedefop works closely with the Commission, national governments, employer & trade union representatives, researchers and practitioners – providing up-to-date information on developments in VET and creating opportunities to debate policy.

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RB(2019)01044   Dear Ms Darbishire,   With regards your email request for “access to the travel expenses of Cedefop’s Director, for the period...
Thank you! I hereby confirm I have received the information. Yours sincerely, Luisa Izuzquiza Access Info Europe
Rental contract
Internal review request sent to European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training by Peter on .

Awaiting internal review.

Please pass this on to the person who reviews confirmatory applications. I am filing the following confirmatory application with regards to my acc...
Dear Mr  Weiss:   In response to your request for documents related to “Study Support Scheme” provided to member staffs, attached please find  Ced...

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