Community Plant Variety Office

A Policy agency, also called CPVO

Council Regulation (EC) No 2100/94 of 27 July 1994, established a system of Community plant variety rights as the sole and exclusive form of Community industrial property rights for new plant varieties. The system is administered by the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO).

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Files download invitation Dear Ms. Darbishire , Further to your email dated 05/07/2019, please find attached the documents requested. Kindly ackn...
Travel expenses of CPVO Director
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Thank you! I hereby confirm that I received both your response and the disclosed documents. Yours faithfully, Luisa Izuzquiza Access Info Europ...
Can you help

Long overdue.

By law do i or dont i have the right to recieve my mail ? well why is this happening and what are my rights I ordered from religious organizations s...
Rental contract
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Dear Mr. Teffer,   Please be informed that CPVO is the owner of all its buildings. There are no rental agreements.   Best regards,   Aimil...

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