Agriculture and Rural Development

A European Commission Directorate General, also called DG AGRI

This Commission department is responsible for EU policy on agriculture and rural development and deals with all aspects of the common agricultural policy (CAP).

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DG AGRI contacts with Clifford Chance
Response by Agriculture and Rural Development to Rachel Tansey on .

Information not held.

Please find attached document Ares(2013)243084 concerning "Access to documents request - Ms Tansey - No Gestdem 2013/763" sent by Ms NAESAGER Lene on 2...
European Agriculture Guarantee Fund
Response by Agriculture and Rural Development to Neil Michael on .

Information not held.

Dear Mr. Michael, We refer to your e-mail dated 24/10/2012 in which you make a request for access to a list of all legal persons in the Republic of Ir...
  Dear Enisa,   Thank you for your interest. I would like to inform you that no support to Albania is yet channelled through DG Agriculture and Rur...

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