A European Commission Directorate General, also called DG BUDG

This Commission department is responsible for managing the budget of the European Union. This includes proposing and implementing the financial framework, as well as collecting the resources that EU countries have agreed to contribute.

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Dear Ms Catalan, Unfortunately we are not able to answer your question as it concerns the European Parliament, and not the European Commission. Please...
New financial regulation
Response by Budget to Sandra on .

Information not held.

Dear Sandra, Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in the EU Budget. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a guide on the latest update of th...
Spending on animal research for (human) medical use
Response by Budget to Susan Green on .

Long overdue.

Dear Madam, We refer to your e-mail dated 25/03/2013 in which you make a request for access to documents, registered on 26/03/2013 under the above m...
DG BUDG contacts with Cliffor Chance
Response by Budget to Rachel Tansey on .


Dear Ms Tansey, Please find enclosed the response from the DG Budget. Kind regards, Marc Ekelmans _____________________ Dear Budget (BUDG)...
Machine-readable version of the Union's Draft budget 2013
Follow up sent to Budget by Alexander Mikhailian on .


Thank you very much! Yours faithfully, Alexander Mikhailian
European Schools
Response by Budget to europeanschool on .

Partially successful.

Dear Ms Cann,   As I know, you sent the same request to various DG. As I have understood, you received a (positive) reply for your request from...
Response by Budget to Sandra on .


Dear Madam Apologies for not being clear, but this is not necessiarily a legal issue, rather a practical one. The Commission's accounting manual compr...
Financial Regulation
Response by Budget to Sandra on .

Partially successful.

  Dear Mrs. Sandra,   Thank you for your e-mail dated  17/05/2012, registered on the same day (GESTDEM 2012/2435), requesting access to documents u...
Machine-readable version of the EU budget
Response by Budget to Friedrich Lindenberg on .


Dear Mr Lindenberg, Please accept our excuses for having omitted to attached the below mentioned XLM files in our answer from 22/02/2012. Please don'...
Accounting method of the Eu Institutions
Response by Budget to Sandra on .


Dear Ms Sandra We hope that the accounting rules & chart of accounts already provided were useful for you. Regarding your further request for the "Ac...
Dear Madam In response to your request for information concerning the EU accounting framework, we enclose the following documents: 1. The current...

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