Joint Research Centre

A European Commission Directorate General, also called DG JRC

The Joint Research Centre is the Commission's science and knowledge service. The JRC employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to EU policy.

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Child Restraint Systems
Follow up sent to Joint Research Centre by Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on .


Thank you for your message. We will respond within 5 working days, that is until 31/01/2020. Yours sincerely, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employe...
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Meetings between churches and JRC
Response by Joint Research Centre to Josefina Martí on .

Information not held.

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Facebook interactions
Follow up sent to Joint Research Centre by Luisa Izuzquiza on .

Information not held.

Thank you! I hereby confirm receipt of your response. Yours faithfully, Luisa Izuzquiza Corporate Europe Observatory
Dear Mrs Guisado, Thank you for the message of 19 February 2013 clarifying the scope of information your original request submitted on 18 February 201...
DG JRC contacts with Clifford Chance
Response by Joint Research Centre to Rachel Tansey on .

Information not held.

Dear Mrs Tansey, With regard to your request of 8 February 2013 concerning access to information and documents relating to the contacts between the st...

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