A European Commission Directorate General, also called DGT

The Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) translates texts for the European Commission — into and out of the EU's 24 official languages, and a few others when needed. We deal exclusively with written texts.

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Irish language staff and annual costs
Request sent to Translation by Abdul Hai on .

Long overdue.

How many staff have you recruited or are recruiting for Irish? How much will this new language cost per year? Yours faithfully, Abdul Hai...
Welsh language
Request sent to Translation by Marcus Jones on .

Long overdue.

- Information about the change to the co-official status of the Welsh language since Brexit - What reply will be provided to correspondence re...
Copyright waiver agreement
Request sent to Translation by Silvia Mahutova on .

Long overdue.

Copyright waiver agreement entered into between Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission and the IFRS Foundation (IASB) in...

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