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Huawei European Leadership Academy
Follow up sent to European Training Foundation by Peter on .

Handled by postal mail.

Can you confirm receipt of my access to documents request? best Peter Teffer
Work with Palantir
Response by European Training Foundation to Mathias Schindler on .

Information not held.

Dear Mr Schindler, Yes, it is correct. Yours sincerely, Samuel Cavanagh Public Access to Documents Officer
Dear Ms Darbishire,   Please find here attached the requested information regarding ETF Director’s travel expenses in 2017 and 2018. As you will...
Dear Mr Blackwell, I am afraid that the ETF does not have any document containing information on how many project managers in partner countries have a...
Travel expenses of ETF Director
Follow up sent to European Training Foundation by Luisa Izuzquiza on .


Thank you! I hereby confirm I have received the disclosed document. Yours faithfully, Luisa Izuzquiza Access Info Europe
Rental contract
Response by European Training Foundation to Peter on .


Dear Sir,   Please find attached the reply to your access to documents request dated 26 June 2017 and registered with the reference number 2017-12...
Dear Ms Gheorghiu, We have received your email and we would like to have more details what it refers to. Unfortunately there is not a conversation att...

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