Internal Audit Service

A European Comission Service, also called IAS

The Internal Audit Service provides independent advice, opinions and recommendations on the quality and functioning of internal control systems inside the Commission, EU agencies and other autonomous bodies.

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Audit report
Response by Internal Audit Service to James Wabungo on .

Awaiting classification.

Dear Mr Wabungo, We refer to your confirmatory application for access to documents, addressed to the IAS on 20 August 2021 and registered in OLAF on 2...
Interoperability of contact tracing apps
Request sent to Internal Audit Service by Alexander Fanta on .

Long overdue.

- All documents (including memos, minutes, e-mail, contracts, etc.) related to the agreement between the Commission, SAP and T-Systems on 31 July...
Work with Palantir
Request sent to Internal Audit Service by Mathias Schindler on .

Long overdue.

Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private company supplying products and services. I am asking for any information related to palantir and its pro...
Annual Reports by EC entities
Response by Internal Audit Service to Lee Rotherham on .

Waiting clarification.

Link: [1]File-List Link: [2]Edit-Time-Data Link: [3]themeData Link: [4]colorSchemeMapping [5]Ares(2019)3568797 - RE: access to documents request -...
Manuel pour Auditeur
Response by Internal Audit Service to prévost anne-philippe on .

Waiting clarification.

[1]Ares(2015)3875730 - Access to information demande - Manuel pour Auditeur Sent by IAS EUROPA <[email address]>. All responses have to be sent to...
Veuillez trouver ci-joint le document Ares(2013)3555143 concernant "Request for access to documents A. J. Ross Ref. GestDem Nr 2013/2540" envoyé par M/...

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