Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU

A permanent representative of a member state to the EU

Permanent Representatives of Member States to the EU are national officials which work on EU matters and are based in Brussels, but which would technically fall under national Freedom of Information/Access to Documents laws. The main task of Permanent Representations to the EU is to ensure national interests and policies are pursued as effectively as possible in the EU. National Freedom of Information Laws have varying time limits for answering requests. To find out more about your national law, visit Access Info's and the Centre for Law and Democracy's Global Right to Information Rating at

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Hej Tom, Du har hos Sveriges ständiga representation vid EU den 21 februari 2023 begärt att få ta del av alla dokument och korrespondens som rör Sve...
Work with Palantir

Long overdue.

Palantir Technologies, Inc. is a private company supplying products and services. I am asking for any information related to palantir and its pro...
Request for documents

Awaiting classification.

Dear Vincent Harmsen, You have requested a list of all minutes or reports from meetings where the EU criteria for the identification of endocrine dis...
Hi my Request is overdue about my Son who live with is money. In Trelleborg for the past 5 years now I can not see my Son Greg. Yours faithfully...
Sex Discrimination in Court
Request sent to Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU by Eden Smith on .

Long overdue.

I live in England working here in London have a Son who live with in mother in Sweden, the mother she did not want me to see me Son Greg Smith,...
Internal review request sent to Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU by Eden Smith on .

Awaiting internal review.

Yours faithfully, Eden Smith

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