This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Access to documents request: 2021-10-21 meeting between Tatiana Marquez Uriarte and Stefano Grassi and Shell Companies'.

Ref. Ares(2021)7131397 - 19/11/2021
RE: Request for a meeting with Shell on FF55 - RED reform and Sectoral Roadmaps to NZE - Ares 3869896
vendredi 18 juin 2021 10:42:00
Dear Mr 
Thank you for the email you sent to Mr Grassi and Ms 
Mr Grassi can unfortunately not meet before the summer but would be interested to
meet with you in the context of the decarbonisation of gas package upcoming in the
autumn together with Ms Marquez Uriarte, member of cabinet in charge of these files.
We have identified some possible slots:
Thursday 9 September – afternoon
Friday 10 September – morning or afternoon
Wednesday 15 September – morning
Friday 17 September – morning or afternoon
Could you please let me know if one of these could be convenient for you?
In advance many thanks and kind regards
Cabinet of Ms Kadri SIMSON
Commissioner for Energy
European Commission
From: <
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2021 9:20 AM
Subject: Request for a meeting with Shell on FF55 - RED
reform and Sectoral Roadmaps to NZE
 Dear Stefano,
I am writing to request a virtual meeting to discuss the
upcoming Fit for 55 (FF55) package and in particular the
key role of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) in

accelerating sectoral markets for clean energy, with a
focus on hydrogen to commercial road transport and
industry, where Shell intends to make significant
Shell supports a FF55  underpinned by a sectoral
decarbonisation approach, so that the combined
application of the legislative initiatives in the package
ensures that every major economic sector has a pathway
to decarbonize consistent with the EU 2030 and 2050
climate targets. The Sectoral Roadmaps to Net Zero
Emissions (NZE), as provided for in the EU Climate Law,
provide a crucial instrument to do this and could help
optimize the application of the FF55 for hard to abate
sectors such as industry, commercial road transport or
aviation –please see our suggestions in the enclosed
Within the FF55, the RED, in combination with the ETS,
has a central role to play in creating sectoral markets for
renewable and low carbon energy in sync with incentives
to accelerate investment in supply. Shell supports a
higher overarching target in the RED, as well as  sectoral
mandates to drive renewables into the transport and
industrial sectors.
As part of our own strategy to become a NZE energy
business by 2050, Shell is scaling up investment in
renewable and low carbon energies such as hydrogen,
advanced biofuels and renewable power, including
electric vehicle charging. We would welcome the
opportunity to update you on Shell’s plans and to share
our views on the potential of the FF55 to enhance the
business case to invest in the projects needed to meet
the EU’s 2030 GHG and renewable targets.
Many thanks for your kind consideration of this request.
Kind regards,
, Shell Companies EU Liaison
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*Shell investment plans on hydrogen: on
2 July, Shell will be opening the world’s
(currently) largest PEM hydrogen
electrolysis plant ‘Refhyne’ at our
Rheinland Refinery (with the support of
the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint
Undertaking); we are planning to
increase its capacity from the current 10
megawatts to 100 megawatts. We have
also recently announced hydrogen
projects such as the Rotterdam
Electrolyser project (around 200MW),
aiming to transform offshore-wind
electrons into green hydrogen to be used
by industry and fuel heavy-duty trucks;
and NortH2, developing hydrogen from
electricity produced by large-scale
offshore wind (3-4GW by 2030 and
possibly 10GW by 2040) for use by
industrial clusters. Last month Daimler
and Shell signed an agreement to
accelerate the roll out of hydrogen-based
trucking (press release) starting from
2024 with an ambition to deliver 150
hydrogen refuelling stations by 2030,
alongside at least 5,000 heavy-duty
hydrogen trucks.