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Thank you very much for your understanding. 
Kind regards, 
European Commission 
Cabinet of Commissioner Stella Kyriakides 
Health and Food Safety 
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium 
Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2020 5:21 PM 
Subject: RE: Invitation from DIGITALEUROPE to deliver a keynote address on 
e-Health virtual event 
Dear Ms Herbout-Borczak,  
Thank you for your reply. I am the 
owning digital health policy for 
DIGITALEUROPE. We have been in support of the European Commission’s 
goals for the development of a Common European Health Data Space. We 
have been working very closely with your services inputting into the 
consultations on processing secondary data and actions required which we 
have outlined in this publication which we hope you will see supports the 
European Commission’s goals. 
We are still developing the agenda for the conference but we propose an 
opening Keynote with the Commissioner. This will be followed by a keynote 
from our 
 and we are confirming 
 - Corporate Technology and Johnson & Johnson Vision.  
We will then have a panel moderated by our Director-General and we will 
invite panellists from our German Trade Association BITKOM 
 Microsoft’s Regional Healthcare 
 of Personalised Healthcare and Patient Access at 
ROCHE, and 
 MEP (Greens/Belgium). They panel will focus on 
the role of data and telehealth.  

We are open on the specific date to hold the event and would like to anchor 
the event on a day in October when your Commissioner would be available. 
Our intention is to hold the event at a venue that can confirm to all 
requirements outlined for COVID but we are ready to make it an online 
conference. We have done several online conferences very successfully. The 
last was under the patronage of the Croatian Presidency. You can see the 
outline here.  
Thank you for your consideration and attention. We hope you can support 
the event with the presence of your Commissioner. We all remain at your 
disposal for any questions you have. 
Kind regards 
Digital Transformation 
Rue de la Science 14A, B-1040 Brussels 
EU Transparency Register: 64270747023-20 
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2020 9:24:14 AM 
To: DIGITALEUROPE, Director General <xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>; 
Subject: Invitation from DIGITALEUROPE to deliver a keynote address on e-
Health virtual event  

Thank you for your email and kind invitation addressed to Commissioner 
Kyriakides. Could you please provide us with additional information, such as 
the draft agenda and the list of speakers? 
Thank you and kind regards, 

Karolina Herbout-Borczak 
From: DIGITALEUROPE, Director General 
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 8:53 AM 
To: CAB KYRIAKIDES CONTACT <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx> 
Subject: Invitation to deliver a keynote address on e-Health  
Dear Commissioner Kyriakides, 
Kindly find enclosed a letter from our 
with an invitation to deliver a keynote speech at an upcoming online event 
on e-health and its role in the COVID recovery. 
It would be an honour to have you with us. 
Kind regards, 
 & Executive Coordination 
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