This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Access to documents request: 2022-01-27 meeting between Monika Ladmanova and Wojtek Talko and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe'.

Ref. Ares(2022)1974592 - 17/03/2022
Report from the meeting with Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe – 27 January 2022 
The representative of IAB briefly presented benefits of online advertising, including targeting 
techniques, especially for SMEs. IAB has prepared a recently published report on the matter. IAB also 
expressed concerns about the draft proposal, in particular on three issues: i) wide scope (definition); 
ii) processing of sensitive personal data (going beyond GDPR) ; iii) limiting targeting.  
The Commission explained the reasons behind the proposal and briefly the points raised by IAB. In 
particular the Commission stressed that the ad tech industry should put more efforts to implement 
the GDPR in full and close loopholes in processing personal data for the purpose of targeting. The 
Commission explained that one of the reasons of doing the proposal was that there are a lot of 
voices pointing to weak compliance with the current rules and the existing risk especially in the 
context of disinformation and foreign influence, also for European elections.